Wedding Trends: Unplugged Vs. Hashtag

Wedding Trends: Unplugged Vs. Hashtag

We love social media: We tweet, we tag, we like, we pin. We’re borderline addicted. And I’ll bet brides, so are you. But when it comes to planning your wedding, this mostly-mild obsession creates the debate of whether to make your guests ditch the digitial devices on your big day, or embrace all social media sites and say post away. It’s such a trending topic that industry insiders have appropriately dubbed it “Unplugged vs. Hashtag.” Here’s the inside info so you can decide what best suits your style.


Some brides can’t fathom gazing out at their guests, expecting smiles and tears…only to see a sea of small screens or the tops of heads scanning thier digital devices. Cameras, iPads, iPhones all posting pics of your most precious moment—before it’s barely begun. From a photographer’s perspective, many beautiful shots have been ruined from a cell phone flash or a guest trying to get their own perfect shot—by stepping in front of ours. Also, you leave what the world first sees of a day you’ve painstakingly planned to the discretion of your guests. They could look amazing, or not—but once it’s online, it’s there to stay.

Many brides request that guests ditch the devices during the ceremony (accomplished by a combo of posting to their wedding website, noting it in the program, fun signs and asking the officiant to make an announcement), and then let them loose at the ceremony. Others request no tech at all, even going as far as having a “cell check” station, bouncer and all, to confinscate all electronic devices! It begs the question: How present can your guests possibly be if they’re documenting the moment rather than participating? And does that matter to you and your groom?


For other couples, they embrace and even encourage this viral world we now live in. Their motto: We’re getting married today and we are ready to announce it to the world—via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, even your own your own website. The more viral it goes, the better. Many brides create cute, clever signage throughout the wedding decor, saying things like, “If you Instragram (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), please use Hashtag #couplesnameandweddingdate,” so that there is a collective creation of online activity. Many couples suggest it gives them the perspective of their guests’ experience, and also, more moments than their photographer could capture and that they could ever witness.

Regardless of which route you take, we are here to work with your own unique vision of your day, and whether you’re wedding is an “unplugged” or “hashtag” event, it’s our #1 priority to make you shine. So what’s the verdict with going viral, ladies? We’d love to hear from you!



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