Vi & Amir Wedding @ The Waterfront Hilton Resort in Huntington Beach, California

First off, I love Vi & Amir – When I first met with them, I was so excited that we were working together… Then it got better, they live on the East Coast so I would of course have to cover their engagement session in New York!!! Only my favorite place ever!! …and to make things even better, they were so sweet and fun to hang with, took me out to an amazing dinner in a super cool place and just had a blast with them.  In case you didn’t have a chance to check out their engagement session in NYC, click on this link… The awesome part about their wedding was that they were able to incorporate both cultures throughtout the day starting in the morning with a traditional ceremony with Vi’s family and following at the Hilton with a traditional ceremony for Amir’s family.  Here are a few favorites from the wedding:

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