Top 5 things to consider when choosing a photographer

Top 5 things to consider when choosing a photographer

Whether you’re looking to capture your big day, a budding baby bump or a fabulous session with the whole family, choosing the right photographer can feel a little bit overwhelming and even downright stressful! Trust me, we know how important these milestones are in your life and take great pride in capturing you and yours at your absolute best. Since Focus Photography opened its doors in 2008, Janel and our team have worked with hundreds of clients, photographing everything from the engagement and wedding to the arrival of couples first bundle of joy. Here’s our main gals (Janel, Camryn, and Anna’s) top 5 tips to consider when choosing your photographer.

1. Make sure you like them!

The most important consideration in choosing a photographer is that you feel comfortable with them, and you genuinely like them as a person.  As Janel says, “Anything you find annoying about us will be twice as annoying the day of your wedding!” Trust your gut, and don’t pick a yes person. You want someone who will give you direction. You’re the bride, not the photographer. Trust them to make magic!

2. Do your research!

Check out their website, blog, and reviews.  Have you looked up their Yelp Page?  Facebook Reviews?  How about  These are just a few reputable sources for you to quickly check out.  In the long run, you will know in your heart if you love them, so trust your gut. Your vision of your wedding should match their style, and if it doesn’t, move on.  Google, google, google! Find our their background and what makes them awesome.  Lastly, and above all – Make time to have a face-to-face, in their office, and interview them.

3. Trust your vendors!

Believe it or not, the wedding world is pretty small. Once you choose one vendor, for example, your venue, ask them who they like to work with. It’s in their best interest (and yours!) to make the best recommendations.

4. What am I paying for???

You need to ask the basics. Let’s be realistic: Weddings are expensive, and probably one of, if not, the most important moments in your life. Ask about their training, experience, and what you are paying for.  This includes hourly rates, number of shooters,  are their assistants/2nd shooters regular employees and trained, Hi-res images, albums and any upgrades that aren’t included in your initial package. If you don’t ask, you will never know!

5. Reliability!

Your photographer is your new best friend, at least during this time in your life. When you have a question or send an email to them, you should expect a response within a day. At the latest! We were in a meeting last week, and got an inquiry for a wedding shoot and Camryn literally responded in 4 minutes! We care, and so should the person you choose.  These are all previews of whats to come in your future relationship: If it seems like a red flag,  it probably is!

So take these tips to ease your planning angst, and feel free to ask us more questions! We love to hear from you!



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