Q & A With Focus Photo Inc’s Own Bride-to-Be

Q & A With Focus Photo Inc’s Own Bride-to-Be
At FPI, we’re all about weddings, especially our resident shooter and videographer, Anna Nguyen who is getting married next month. Anna took time out of her crazy wedding-planning schedule (not to mention the girl works for a living) to answer a few quick questions about what the daunting task of planning a wedding has been like for her.

The blushing bride-to-be!

The blushing bride-to-be!

Q: Working in the wedding industry, you’re a pro at this wedding planning stuff, right??? Seriously though, what’s been the biggest surprise for you as a bride-to-be, versus being a wedding insider?

Haha… I’m definitely not a pro! I mean, don’t get me wrong, working in the industry has really helped me understand things like the day-of timeline and flow and definitely what to ask my DJ NOT to play. The biggest surprise for me, I think, was how time-consuming planning one day is! I had no idea I would be spending hours and hours making my wedding favors or looking for the perfect shoes. Everything takes so much longer than you would think…even if you’re a decisive person! There are just so many options out there in every regard, from the food to the invitation paper type. In the end, I just wanted to make sure I picked the ones that are perfect for me and my fiancé.

Q: Was it difficult for you to choose your own wedding photographer? Did you find yourself being a little harder on them, or more understanding because of your photography experience?

Yes, I was VERY particular about who I wanted to photograph my wedding. Is their editing style what my fiancé, Sean, and I like? Are they reliable? Are they going to give us direction? I am very awkward in front of the camera (that’s why I like being behind it!) so I really needed someone who will tell and show me how to pose. I’m extra particular about the types of poses they photograph—nothing too cheesy or repetitive! I found myself much more understanding, though, because of my experience with previous brides…or so I think. Maybe that’s a question to ask my photographer!

Q: Any choices or mistakes that you would redo if you had the chance?

I would have delegated more tasks to those who offered to help! I’m a control freak, and wanted to take on all the little crafting tasks, as well as the major planning tasks. Don’t do it!!! Allow your friends and family help relieve you from all of the stress of some of these things.

Q: What’s your #1, write-this-down-and-don’t-forget-it, piece of advice for future brides?

Honestly, ENJOY THE ENGAGEMENT SEASON! It’s most likely the shortest season in your relationship (the dating, engagement, and wedding day) and it’s such a unique time! Don’t let the business of planning distract you from the ultimate goal—marriage! My fiancé, Sean, has been living 5 hours away during our entire engagement, so whenever we would see each other, it was just wedding planning instead of quality time. Don’t sweat the small stuff: I designed and hand-painted my invitations which didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted them to and, I totally freaked out. Now looking back, I see that freaking out was very unnecessary!

I don’t know about you ladies, but I love reading tips like this and I hope this gave all you b-to-b’s a little insider info that will help alleviate some of your wedding planning stress. And BTW, we’re so excited for you Anna! Congrats!


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