Okay friends! Here are “the” maternity photos (feeling very shy right about now). Thank you Darling Bride & Elysia Moon Makeup Artistry!

I will start by saying that if it were not for having a fabulous hair dresser, Jill Guin of Darling Bride and an amazing makeup artist, Elysia Moon of Elysia Moon Makeup Artistry… there is absolutely no way I would have done this shoot.  We work with both Jill & Elysia regularly on weddings and commercial shoots so it was really nice of them to help us out with my shoot.  Thanks Ladies!

Typically I am not a super “shy” person~  However, I definitely understand how our clients feel being on the other side of the lens… it’s hard work!  Definitely feel a bit vulnerable and if you have ever been pregnant before you know that it takes a little bit of getting used to the extra weight 😉  I know, it’s worth it, and I am sure it’s going to contribute to our little girls chubby cheeks (call it a hunch) – but still, it’s difficult seeing yourself with an extra 40lbs on!  Anyway, I think these women did a fantastic job of making me feel confident and I love the finished project.  Between them and Caitlin’s amazing shooting~  This is what we came up with:


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