Little Sterling is 8 months! Most stylish toddler award goes to…. Santa Ana family session

If you follow our blog, I am sure you know who little sterling is… he is the one with the two super cute parents, and the really sweet bulldog… yes, we all know Sterling.  Love this family:

C0460_Sterling_8mo_028T_blogstomp C0460_Sterling_8mo_066T_blogstomp C0460_Sterling_8mo_090T_blogstomp C0460_Sterling_8mo_104T_blogstomp C0460_Sterling_8mo_122T_blogstomp C0460_Sterling_8mo_129T_blogstomp C0460_Sterling_8mo_142T_blogstomp C0460_Sterling_8mo_284T_blogstomp C0460_Sterling_8mo_308T_blogstomp

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