I am back.

Hi everyone!  I know it’s been forever since I have done any blog posts.  I took a nice long social media hiatus…  That would mostly be thanks to my 3 lovely babies.  My youngest is almost 20 months now which means I actually get a little bit of time to myself due to his new found independence!  To be honest, I never really loved social media – any of it… blogging, facebook, or instagram…. okay let me back it up a little bit, thats not entirely true.  I never liked having to do social media for my business… maybe because its more “WORK”?? lol…. and I needed to read up and figure out what all the new stuff was about.

So here I am – I am committed to this and committed to working more again.  This last year I was basically a stay at home mom, and while thats nice and everything… it just aint for me.  Plain and simple – I need to get out of the house, I need to talk to strangers, and last – I love to make money.  Funny enough, this mom job doesn’t pay – so I’m out!! Just kidding… I love being home with my kids but I also need a break and really missed all of my clients, and meeting all these fun new strangers in love ready to plan their amazing weddings!   A big focus lately has been doing more editorial/corporate photography as well- I think that may be my cup of tea.

Without rambling on, just wanted to check in, say hi and say I am happy to be back in the game.  Missed you all!!

Below are some photos of my babies, and one of our awesome family!! xoxoxo Janel


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