How To Prepare For A Family Session

How To Prepare For A Family Session

You’ve booked your annual family photo session, and after the initial excitement, panic sets in. What do we wear? What colors? Do we need to bring anything? What is if my kids won’t listen? All moms know, managing your children at home is challenging enough, much less with the added pressure of a camera lens trying to capture the perfect shot for your holiday card. Camyrn gave me some quick tips that will hopefully calm your nerves and help you prep, so that on picture day, you can sit back, relax and leave the work to us!

Bring snacks, their favorite toy, video or game. Anything that will keep them from getting bored. And although we hate to say it, this may be one of those rare occasions that it’s worth it to offer a bribe, like ice cream or something else coveted, that they will get after the session for good behavior.

Wear comfortable clothes. Nothing is worse than a two-year old fussing with a tie that’s too tight! Don’t worry about being too matchy-matchy; instead choose colors that compliment each other.

We expect kids to be unpredictable, cranky and not always able to listen. Don’t worry—it’s part of our job, and we are there to help! While we will stage various posed shots, we will be snapping away during the action, whether we catch the laughter or the tears, to capture those more candid moments.

Whether the session is indoors or out, bring whatever you think will make you most comfortable and that you might need—your iPod, laptop, whatever it is. For outdoor sessions, do bring a blanket for the kids to play on. We don’t want dirty bottoms or grassy knees!

Most of all, just have fun with it! The best moments are those that are candid and unexpected.

Here’s one of Camyrn’s favorite sessions:


Your session will be breathtaking, too, so just enjoy it!



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