Back from Europe!

Well we are finally home from Europe… and while it was a ton of fun and an amazing experience, it is great to be back in the United States!!! Thanks to my wonderful husband Casey who organized this whole trip and kept us on track with train schedules and site seeing,  we were able to visit Paris, Nice, Cinque Terre, Rome, Florence, and back to Paris all in 14 days…all while backpacking with no particular timeline (which was AWESOME).  My favorite hands down was Vernazza (Cinque Terre) in Italy – it was beautiful, clean, warm water, friendly locals, and just so quaint.  My husband was stung by a jellyfish one day (along with a group of german girls) it was hilarious!!  I probably thought it was a bit more funny than he did 😉  We met up with my husbands business partner Jason (and good friend) for the last week and then with Jason’s Mother and sister for the last day which was a great time!  We had a great dinner and a ton of latte’s with crepe’s and nutella (a new favorite of mine).  Then we missed our first plane and dealt with the most unaccommodating  representatives of US Airways in Paris which was unpleasant to say the least, talk about rude!!  Then after running to catch our connecting flight the next day we finally made it home – Now it’s back to work with 2 weddings back to back!!  Anyway, here are some photos…


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