Baby Maxine is 5 Months now… I wish time would slow down, darn it!

Where do I begin?  Being a mom has beyond exceeded my expectations.  My sweet little Maxine is so much more than I could have ever dreamed she would be.  I remember people telling me how hard it was going to be, and how much work babies are, and don’t worry if she cries all the time, or won’t eat this, or acts like this, or that… etc.  Well, to my surprise, she has been pure joy, she is the happiest little lamb chop I ever met, eats everything in sight (check out that chin 🙂 and just loves everyone!  Once she started sleeping through the night about a month or so ago – I though I died and went to heaven – 12 hours of AWESOME sleep.  I thank her every morning 🙂    I know, it sounds like I am bragging – trust me, not trying to, it’s just so crazy how things turn out.  Everyday she gets a little bit bigger, reaches another tiny goal, and just amazes me.  I am sincere when I say I wish time would slow down.  At this rate, I am going to require having at least a few more of these little sweethearts ASAP!  So here are a few little shots I took of her while trying to get some editing work done the other day in my office/baby gym.  Would you look at those drumsticks?  I just want to kiss her a million times all over.

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