A preview of our Family Portrait Session at Los Rios District – San Juan Capistrano, California

So I bet you think that because we are photographers that we just take tons of photo of our own families… but unfortunately we do not.   That being said, it’s a real treat to take a break and have a little fun with my own family!  Thankfully we have the amazing Caitlin (One of our main Photographers at Focus) to help out on the photos I needed to be in 😉  Is she amazing or what?  I really enjoying capturing my in-laws doing what they do best, looking great!  Seriously, have you ever seen a better looking couple?  It doesn’t stop there… take a look at my Sister in law Sarah’s beautiful family – and well of course the looks just kept on going, all the way down to my unbearably hot husband~  I am lucky aren’t I?  Love the barn shot!  Okay, enough bragging – here are some of our favorites:

The couple that started it all "Bill & Lynn Conlan"

Our family

James, Sarah, Graham, Paige, and George

Caitlin's famous "jump shot"


My husband Casey and I...

George aka Jorge being ADORABLE!

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